New Journal launched “Language, Culture and Society” (John Benjamins) with editors Li Wei, Miguel Perez-Milans and Alfonso Del Percio

Edited by our colleagues Professor Li WeiDr Miguel Perez-Milans and Dr Alfonso Del Percio, along with Patricia Baquedano-López (University of California, Berkeley), Cécile Vigouroux (Simon Fraser University) and Katherine Chen (University of Macau), “Language, Culture and Society” is published by John Benjamins and provides an international platform for cutting-edge research that advances thinking and understanding of the intersections of language, culture and society. 

The journal will aim to push traditional disciplinary boundaries through theoretical and methodological innovation. In particular, the journal will explore new communicative contexts and practices and publish research that breaks new ground by making connections with other disciplines.

Themes that will be covered include sociolinguistics, discourse studies, pragmatics and semiotics.

Read the UCL announcement here, and see the journal homepage here.

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