Prof Li Wei and Prof Bencie Woll’s British Academy report “Cognitive Benefits of Language Learning: Broadening our perspectives” now available

A UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and UCL Brain Sciences report published 29 May aims to shape future research and guide public policy by synthesising evidence on the benefits of language learning. The British Academy report also shows evidence for a strong positive correlation between additional language-learning and the development of creativity.

Almost nine in ten adults surveyed agreed that learning a new language gives better employment opportunities and a similar proportion agreed that learning a language helps to develop analytical skills.

The researchers, Professor Bencie Woll (UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences and Fellow of the British Academy) and Professor Li Wei (IOE), also pointed to evidence that younger children who learn sign language in a pre-school setting attain a greater appreciation of cultural diversity and different ways of communicating.

Reported by Institute of Education 29 May 2019.

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