UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics

The Centre for Applied Linguistics has as its mission to promote the UCL Institute of Education as a centre of international excellence in research and teaching in applied linguistics. It is located in the Department of Culture, Communication and Media.

The Centre aims to:

  • seek external funding for high-quality research and consultancy in the broad field of applied linguistics, including bilingualism and multilingualism, second language acquisition, intercultural communication, and language-in-education policy and practice, and undertake such research
  • foreground the work in these areas through high status publications as well as through conferences and seminars
  • develop research networks and partnerships with research teams nationally and internationally
  • build networks of interest across UCL and develop synergies between adjacent areas and forms of research
  • liaise with other research centres across UCL which also have an interest in language and education
  • provide strategic leadership, expertise and support to those working in the area of applied linguistics and languages in education
  • provide research input into the teaching programmes and doctoral supervision in areas of applied linguistics and languages in education.

But what is Applied Linguistics?

For a quick response to this often asked question, watch this brief animation produced by the Open University:

About our site

The Applied Linguistics team is involved with a variety of research and teaching, produce a range of publications and reports, as well as provide several training and capacity building sessions. This site offers a starting point for engaging with our work and our community. We hope you will find this site useful and engage with us by posting your own comments, following our site, attending our events, and  sharing our updates and resources with others. We look forward to staying connected with you!

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