Hear us speak

Members of the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics can be seen and heard around the UK and internationally. Here is a selection of events where you can catch us.


In October 2018, Andrea Revesz will be plenary speaker at the 40th anniversary conference of the Applied Linguistics Association of Korea (ALAK) in Seoul.

Later on…

In April 2019, John Gray will be a keynote speaker at IATFL 2019 in Liverpool.

Last year

Talia Isaacs is among the “talking heads” on Glenn Fulcher’s site. Talia’s video is the last thumbnail in the multiplex (#21) on the topic of pronunciation assessment   http://languagetesting.info/video/main.html

Andrea Revesz will be speaking at Bath University’s Language and Educational Practices Seminar Series on 27th February. Title: Exploring cognitive writing processes and behaviours through mixed methods. Andrea will then be on a US tour, speaking first at two invited colloquia at AAAL in Chicago on 25 and 27 March (Titles: ‘Investigating the effects of task type on L2 writing processes using eye-tracking, keystroke-logging and stimulated recall’, with Marije Michel, and ‘The relationship between pausing and communicative adequacy in oral task performance’, with Eivind Torgersen and Monika Ekiert). This is followed by her featured talk at TESOL Chicago on 28 March on ‘What makes a task difficult: Teacher and researcher perspectives’ (with Laura Gurzynski-Weiss).

Dina Mehmedbegovic will be giving a keynote talk at the CIS Symposium on Intercultural Learning in Hong Kong, 8-9 March. Title: Developing intercultural skills through an autobiographical approach. You can also catch her in Gothenburg on 20 April, at Skola för alla, speaking about ‘What every educator needs to know about cognitive benefits of bilingualism’.

Andrea Revesz will also be speaking at the BAAL Assessment SIG in Nottingham on 13 April. Title: Investigating L2 writing processes using eye-tracking, keystroke-logging and stimulated recall (with Marije Michel) and on 1 May in Oxford (Title tbc).

In early May 2018 (5-6th) Alfonso Del Percio will be speaking in Paris at the EHESS and Paris Sorbonne. He is giving two invited talks on language and governmentality.

In June Andrea Revesz will be on a Japanese tour (June 15-17 Tokyo and 22-23 Osaka) as part of the Distinguished Lecture Series at Temple University. Her talks will be on Task-based Language Teaching.

Li Wei will be plenary speaker at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 27-30 June 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand.

In the Summer term, from April to the end of July, Amos Paran will be a visiting professor at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, in Germany, where he will be giving courses on reading in a foreign language, researching literature in foreign language teaching, and on using film, music and art in the teaching of literature in a foreign language.

Siân Preece will be speaking at the seminar on linguistic diversity and intercultural competence, 25 June, 5.30-7pm at the UCL Institute of Education, Room 537.

ICIS Seminar 3_25-06-18