Doctoral students

Below is a partial list of current doctoral students in the UCL Centre for Applied Linguistics:

Sahra Abdullahi – Social Networks and Language maintenance and shift in Somali families in London (supervisor: Li Wei)

Ibrahim Alkhateeb – The Narratives of Anglophone Male Muslim Converts in Saudi Arabia (supervisors: Sian Preece, John Gray)

Hana Almutairi – Learning Polysemy of Phrasal Verbs and High Frequency Single-Word Verbs through Spoken Pushed-Output Instruction (supervisors: Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Andrea Revesz)

Rommy Anabalon Schaaf – The promise of English in Chile: (re) invention, circulation and contention (supervisors: Alfonso Del Percio, John O’Regan)

Sam Barclay – The effect of intralexical factors on the decay of foreign language lexical knowledge (supervisors: Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Andrea Revesz)

Lais Borges – Beyond the Critical Period Hypothesis: examining the affective dimensions of phonological performance within Brazilian L2 learning contexts (supervisors: Andrea Revesz, Talia Isaacs)

Kim Bownas – How do selected Year 12 A Level students describe their development as writers? An exploratory case study, looking at forms of writing inside and outside the academic context and their influences on writing for examination purposes (supervisor: John Gray)

Verna Brandford – Understanding the Storyline approach in the MFL classroom (supervisors: Amos Paran, Sam Duncan)

Emma Brooks – ‘Ask her why she is crying’: communicative practices in the antenatal consulting room in a superdiverse population (supervisor: John Gray)

Peter Browning – ‘Rionegro Bilingüe’ language policy and social transformation in post-conflict Colombia (supervisors: Miguel Perez-Milans, Alfonso Del Percio)

Luis Carabantes – Materials Design in English Teacher Education in Chile: An Activity-Theoretical Study (supervisor: Amos Paran)

Tiancheng Chen – Translanguaging creativity and rapid processing in the era of online surveillance (supervisors: Li Wei, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez)

Yoojin Chung – The effects of post-reading tasks on young EFL learners’ reading comprehension and grammar acquisition (supervisors: Andrea Revesz, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez)

Judith Fairbairn – Raters’ perceptions of B2 level on-topic performance in a general proficiency speaking language task (supervisors: Talia Isaacs, Valerie Hazan)

Alexandra Georgiou – Examining the linguistic and cultural practices of refugee children in a primary school in Cyprus: Following a sociocultural approach on language learning (supervisors: Sian Preece, John Gray)

Dipanwita Ghosh – Language Identities and the Role of English in the Lives of Migrant Bangladeshi Women (Sylheti) in East London’ (supervisor: Sian Preece)

Tatia Gruenbaum – Using picturebooks as a tool in preservice primary teacher education in the Netherlands (supervisors: Amos Paran, Miranda Timmermans – Avans Hogeschool, Breda)

Pierre Gunset Salazar – Language ideology, policy and social inequalities in the Paraguayan multilingual context (supervisor: Alfonso Del Percio)

Ayse Gur Geden – Language Training and the Making of Brokers: Sub-Saharan African Students in Turkey (supervisors: Miguel Perez-Milans, Li Wei)

Eleonor Y. Gong – Struggling for mobility: English and the making of international business workers in China (supervisor: Alfonso Del Percio)

Cheong Hin Hong – An eye-tracking study on Cantonese EFL learners’ writing error gravity and readability (supervisors: Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Andrea Revesz)

Johnathan Jones – A reliable pest or a reliable past? Testing canonical stimuli in speech perception research (supervisors: Talia Isaacs, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez)

Yeonwoo Jung – Investigating the effects of multimodal digital feedback on second language development through video-conferencing tasks: An eye-tracking study (supervisors: Andrea Revesz, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez)

Clifford  Kast – Exploring the development of critical thinking in English for Academic Purposes through the use of literature: an exploratory practice approach (supervisors: Amos Paran, Andy Tolmie)

Kitty (Jiayin) Li – The negotiation of Chinese migrant parents’ social relations and their social status in a Chinese complementary school in Germany (supervisor: Sian Preece)

Xiaojun Lu – Writing in a non-alphabetic language: Behaviours and underlying cognitive processes (supervisors: Andrea Revesz, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez)

Jennifer MacDonald – “Language as problem” at Linguistically-Diverse Canadian Universities (supervisors: Amos Paran, Jim McKinley)

Agata Mikolajewska – Interpreting English medium instruction in higher education: the Poland phenomenon (supervisors: Jim McKinley, Li Wei)

Tabitha Millett – Queering art education in the secondary school art classroom (supervisors: John Gray, Claire Robins)

Yuta Mogi – Language Ideologies represented in the Japanese overseas school in Belgium: Implications for Japan’s Language Education Policy (supervisor: Sian Preece)

Rebecca Moden – Learning Formulaic Language in the L2 classroom (supervisors: Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Andrea Revesz)

Mangala Naginlal – Investigating the Pedagogic Content Knowledge of in-service EFL/ESL literature teachers during curriculum reform (supervisor: Amos Paran)

Andy Otaqui – Linguistic identities of international lecturers in UK universities: a narrative investigation (supervisor: Sian Preece)

Mai Oyama – Pedagogical implication of incorporating pragmatic instruction into EFL teaching in Japan (supervisors: Jim McKinley, Kazuya Saito)

Laura Park – Shifting from reflective practices to reflexivity: an autoethnography of a bilingual teacher educator (supervisor: John Gray)

Daniel Pun – Neoliberalism, symbolic capital and investment: a case of L2 learners of English in Hong Kong (supervisors: John Gray, John O’Regan)

Emma Quick – Multilingualism in interaction: connecting language policy and classroom practice in a trilingual university in Northern Italy (supervisors: John Gray, Jim McKinley)

Danni Shi – The effects of task repetition, spacing, and pre-task instruction on L2 listening and incidental vocabulary learning (supervisors: Andrea Revesz, Ana Pellicer-Sanchez)

Tayba Sulaiman Thani Al Hilali – Workplace and college writing: A multi-perspective study of engineer alumni’s writing experiences in Oman (supervisors: Jim McKinley, Zsofia Demjen)

Yui Suzukida – The roles of cognitive and social individual differences in the effectiveness of explicit phonetic instruction in second language pronunciation development (supervisor: Kazuya Saito)

Kevin W H Tai – Translanguaging in Hong Kong English Medium Instruction classrooms: a linguistic ethnographic study of classroom interaction and teachers’ reflections (supervisors: Li Wei, Jim McKinley)

Alenka Umek – The role of background knowledge in reading comprehension of subject-specific texts (supervisor: Amos Paran)

Suda Vepa – Language, Self and the discourses of  the empowerment of women through higher education in Bangladesh (supervisors: Miguel Perez-Milans, Sam Duncan)

Yi Wang – Motion event construal in Chinese-English-Japanese multilinguals (supervisors: Li Wei, Andrea Revesz)

Andi Wang – An investigation of the effectiveness of dual subtitles for incidental vocabulary learning (supervisors: Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, Andrea Revesz)

Mingdan Wu – Making a living on street: Language, (im)mobility and solidarity economy (supervisor: Alfonso Del Percio)

Ping Hei Yeung – English learning and subjectivity in Hong Kong’s contemporary higher education (supervisors: Miguel Perez-Milans, John Gray)

Shi (Aimee) Yu – Language, professionalism and hi-tech labour in late capitalism (supervisor: Miguel Perez-Milans)

Du (Dery) Yunpeng – ELT as infrastructure: China, and the making of professionals (supervisors: Miguel Perez-Milans, John Gray)

Dandan Zhu – Language teacher identity of native English-speaking teachers under the NEST-NNEST dichotomy: a case study in Shenzhen, China (supervisors: Jim McKinley, Jane Allemano)